Bringing More Heart

Have you ever considered how you can bring more of your heart to what you do in your work-life? 

There must be a way to bring that something-special you have – which is your authentic power – to be more effective with people and feel more fulfilled.  In the next few minutes, I’d like to share with how working professionals are becoming ICF-credentialed coaches. They’re learning how to use their head and heart together to become happier in their careers and businesses. 

I’m Kevin Glenn, founder of Sapphire Coaches. I spent over 30 years in the corporate world as a leader and senior executive.  Sapphire Coaches is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and our team has helped hundreds of coaches get credentialed. So how can getting a coaching credential help your career beyond the obvious? How can it help you find that true sense of power within yourself and then, make it tangible through what you do and how you operate in your workspace?  First of all, let’s realize that people are people, whether they’re your co-workers or family or strangers. When you know how to deal with people, you’re able to create trust and better relationships. That alone is a benefit that comes from learning professional coaching and applying it in your business life.  We also know that having a model for coaching gives you confidence.  You know you can run a coaching session and get results every time. 

When you help people get into their hearts you’re helping them energize what’s in their minds, and that’s how the coaching process works.  So in your working world, coaching is like a toolbox of skills that you can apply every day because business is about people and their interactions. 

As a certified coach you can use your coaching skills whether you work in a company or have your own business — because coaching fundamentally is about helping people move from where they are to where they want to be.  If the conversation today has piqued your interest, take a few minutes and join the Sapphire Coaches team in a live webinar designed to get your questions answered. 

In the webinar we’ll cover How to choose the best coaching style for you, how to guarantee you get results for your clients, and how to win your first 10 clients as a new coach.  Just click the button and submit your details to register.  I look forward to seeing you on the webinar.

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