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Do you have a solid plan for the next phase of your life – one that will allow you to really leverage your strengths and build your security for the future?  In the next few minutes, I’d like to share with you how working professionals are using Coaching to both advance their careers and at the same time, build their own coaching practices and clients for the future.

I’m Kevin Glenn, founder of Sapphire Coaches.  I spent over three decades in the corporate world as a manager and senior executive.  Sapphire Coaches is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and our team has helped hundreds of coaches get credentialed. 

So what are the most important things you need to know right now?  The first is that you’ll never truly feel secure – and I didn’t say “have security” – I said “feel secure” – until you have that inside of you. 

Learning professional coaching, and especially the ICF model which is so widely used, is incredibly empowering.  It’s a way to use your skills and what you already know about life to help people. 

The next thing is – and please listen carefully here – you have to be the author and the champion of your future.  Nobody will do it for you.  And nobody knows you like you. 

You personally, are in the best position to write your future the way you want it.  So perhaps what you really need is a framework to intentionally design what happens next – to be the author of this next stage in your life. 

This isn’t just about leveraging your talents and abilities– it’s about consolidating and using them in a focused way, through becoming an ICF-credentialed coach. 

So how do you keep working while building something for the future that’s yours and that can sustain you as time goes on?  If the conversation today has piqued your interest, take a few minutes and join the Sapphire Coaches team in a live webinar designed to get your questions answered. 

In the webinar we’ll cover How to choose the best coaching style for you, how to guarantee you get results for your clients, and how to win your first 10 clients as a new coach.  Just click the button and submit your details to register.  I look forward to seeing you on the webinar.

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