Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential Program

Comprehensive education to become the best coach you can be!

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential Starter Program

Find out if coaching is the right path for you without a huge investment or risk

Learn the International Coaching Federation’s 8 Core Coaching Competencies in an Immersive Training Program

Attain your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential

Experience learning that's fun, interactive and designed by PhD coaches

Feel incredibly supported by our team & your fellow students

Is the ACC Credential Starter Program
Right For You?

The answer is YES if you are a career changer, ladder climber, corporate executive, entrepreneur, counselor, parent, academic, life-explorer or simply enjoy helping others AND want to find out if professional coaching is your next best step.

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Sapphire's Treasury of coaching. Essential coaching materials
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A must-have for every new coach.

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Every Hour Counts Toward Your Certification

The program is approved by the International Coaching Federation. Earn one hour toward your Associate Certified Coach Credential by completing a module. Begin the program & log practice coaching time that also counts toward your credential requirements.


Get a Comprehensive Introduction to the World’s Most-Used Coaching Model

Learn the same ICF 8 Core Coaching Competencies that professional coaches worldwide have used for over 25 years. Enjoy an immersive online training experience designed and presented by doctoral-degreed college educators and ICF-certified professional coaches.


Sapphire’s Treasury of Coaching

Take advantage of our curated collection of information worth its weight in sapphires! We include essential, easy-to-use coaching materials and practical tools that new coaches can put to work immediately. Get laser-focused clarity with 37 Questions to Liberate Your Clients. Open your mind with Through the Eyes of a Master Coach. The Treasury of Coaching provides a treasure trove of tools that are perfect for professional coaches.


Learn & Earn Without Risking Anything

Sapphire Coaches has been approved by the International Coaching Federation since 2016, the largest professional association for coaches in the world. Get a comprehensive introduction to ICF-certified coaching with a 100% Iron-Clad 90-Day Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction. No strings attached!

Profound Learning. Heartfelt Community. Constant Support.

Comprehensive Training

Vital accredited training to help every new coach learn the basics of coaching and earn credit towards becoming an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and credentialed by the International Coaching Federation.

Thriving Student &
Alumni Community

Connect with other aspiring coaches, share information, find coaching buddies to practice with, and participate in special by-invitation only learning and development events. You gain the collective insights, wisdom and experience from others including students and working coaches. You have lifetime access to the group.

Live Weekly Q&A Group

Get all your coaching questions answered as you work through the program. Full access to our library of Q&A sessions and other valuable resources that broaden your coaching knowledge. All questions are answered, whether live or in writing..

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Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential Starter Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take?

12 hours earns 12 credits toward the ACC coaching credential. Each hour consists of a 20-30 minute teaching
video, a learning exercise (think worksheet, reading, critical thinking or other short developmental activity), and
an assessment quiz requiring an 80% score to move to the next module. You can review and retake the quiz as
much as needed.

Do I need prior experience?

No experience is needed. If you enjoy helping others, this program is an excellent starting point! Coaches
come from all backgrounds and professions. Coaching can be used in personal life, the corporate world, and
so many other places. We teach a universal set of skills in a specific coaching model that can be used with
individuals and groups in a variety of environments.

What is the value of doing this program to me?

The ACC Credential Starter Program is intentionally designed to be affordable and easy to complete. It
introduces you to the most accepted coaching model in the world, the ICF 8 Core Coaching Competencies,
originally developed over 25 years ago by the International Coaching Federation.

How does this program differ from others?

Unlike most introductory programs that focus on quantity of information over depth, the ACC Credential
Starter provides an abundance of learning in a 100% complete package, designed by university professors with
deep background in coaching and instructional design. By the end of the program you’ll clearly understand
what professional coaching is and whether pursuing a coaching credential from the ICF is right for you. You
will see the relevance of coaching in your current job, business and personal life and be able to apply what you
learn with basic proficiency.

What does the program include?

What is the cost of the program?

The ACC Credential Starter program provides 12 of 60 required training hours for just $299 with a risk-free guarantee. Tuition for the Sapphire Coaches 48-hour live classroom training, required for theACC credential, is $2,995.

Program Outline

This module discusses coaching through the lens of an ICF perspective. We will examine what is a coach and what does a coach do, what is coaching, what coaching is not compared to other helping professions, the benefits of coaching, the coaching process, the coaching relationship timeline, key principles of coaching, and important definitions in coaching.

This module provides an overview of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the ICF credentials, FAQs and ICF Core Competencies.

This module examines the 4 stages of a coach, how to gain confidence, how to move past fears, FAQs, career changing to coaching, and coaching niches.

This module discusses coaching ethics, professional standards, clearly communicating the distinctions between coaching and other helping processions, knowing when a client should be referred, how to refer clients to other support professions, key definitions related to coaching ethics, and the updated ICF Core Competency 1: Demonstrates Ethical Practice.

This module discusses the ICF Code of Ethics. We will examine in detail parts 1-5 of the ICF Code of Ethics.

This module addresses using questions in coaching, the golden rule of coaching, open questions, exploration questions, probing and clarifying questions, powerful questions, the question tunnel, pitfalls when asking questions, and general questioning guidelines.

This module covers listening in a coaching session, 4 levels of listening, what to listen for during a coaching session, listening actively, mirroring techniques, and general listening tips.

This module examines goal setting and action planning using SMART goals, the standard goal attainment coaching model, DVGS coaching model, and the 6-step strategic planning process with a focus on how to strategize and create action plans, how to increase your client’s commitment level, and creating action plans within an organization.

This module discusses how to prepare your clients for the coaching session and prepare yourself as the coach.

This module addresses the goal of the initial coaching session, what makes a client eligible for coaching, the steps for the initial session, and the client welcome package.

This module discusses the coaching relationship timeline, a basic coaching model, the essentials of trust building, how to create an agenda, greeting and opening a session, discovering what the client wants to accomplish, questions and challenges, finding a vision, establishing the overall goal creating an action plan, helping clients set priorities, feedback, and reviewing progress.
This module addresses how to help your coaching clients to succeed using client-generated steps, verbalization, reminders, action plans, encouragement, rewards and acknowledgment, and avoiding ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’.
This module briefly discusses what to do to help your client maintain their momentum after the coaching ends. This short module is for information only and does not result in ICF CCEU credit.
This module focuses on assessing personality type using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI), when to use tests and assessments, and other online tests and assessments.
This module looks at how to group coach including an introduction and the benefits of group coaching, types of groups, the standard group coaching model, and facilitating groups.

Regular price: $997

Limited Time Offer


No strings attached, Iron-Clad
Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction


Regular price: $997

Limited Time Offer


No strings attached, Iron-Clad
Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction