The Nuts & Bolts of Active Listening

It’s Active Listening week at Sapphire Coaches and our first video focused on the What and the Why.

Ready to find out the How to use Active Listening in your daily life?

In this hands-on approach to using your ears for maximum effectiveness and personal fulfillment, I’ll share a few ideas and concepts to jumpstart your journey into Active Listening as a powerful tool for connecting with others.

The How is pretty simple. Sustaining it over time, turning Active Listening into a habit, is the goal. It takes practice. Before you watch the video, I invite you to commit to listening like you would if we offered you a pot of gold at the end. It’s just a few minutes. See what happens.

Listen closely. Then give it a try on the next person you speak with. See first-hand how your takeaways shift conversations. Please come back to the page and comment. We would love to hear your results.

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